Custom-made glasses fit for your unique face and head shape
Role: Concepting, Branding, UX, Prototyping


Glasses are made to fit universally, but humans don’t share a universal face. Differences are prevalent in nose shape, nose bridge height, head shape, and more.

Almost 40% of the U.S. population are minorities, yet eyeglasses are still modeled after general Western features.

See yourself in all of your glory.


Reimagine the eyewear creation process in the name of inclusivity.


Create a brand focused on producing custom-fitted eyewear using 3D facial mapping that fits to a person’s individual face.


It was mid-August of 2016 when the universe aligned and the paths of two strangers crossed.

Neither predicted that they would soon become close friends - though both secretly hoped for it. While learning about one another, they couldn't help but notice the slippage and constant readjustment of the other's glasses. It became obvious that they shared a common problem: the lack of a higher nose-bridge.

From there, conversation grew and the two realized the need for a brand that tailored glasses to their owners, addressing all of the issues that can come with eyewear. Thus became the brand Rhinos, named after the animal known for its impressively unique nose.

Rhinos eyeglasses cater to your facial needs.

3D scanning technology

Sticker markers and a handheld 3D scanner digitally recreate the individual's facial structure.

This provides an accurate facial map, allowing us to analyze key features, such as nose-to-eyes depth and ear height.

Cinema4D modeling

After importing the facial map to a modeling program, we measure the facial features and fit a pair of glasses onto the model.

By 3D scanning and facial recognition technology, we're able to make True-Fit glasses.


Ordering will take place on the Rhinos website, where the user will:
  1. Begin the ordering process
  2. Upload a picture
  3. Place black markers on their picture
  4. Build their glasses
After entering their payment and shipping information, a free kit will be sent to them with instructions on taking additional photos for accurate measuring.


Rhinos will partner with Nordstrom by having pop-up Rhinos measurement areas within Nordstrom locations throughout the country.


Nordstrom prides itself as a company on delivering fresh and relevant shopping experience as well as being a strong advocate for diversity. Over half its employees are people of color with more than 40% in management positions.


Custom, Rhinos-branded packaging for eyeglass shipping boxes and in-store bags.

Customers can choose from a variety of seasonal packaging, and the box pattern will correspond to the microfiber lens cloth they receive in the box.