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      作者:甘肅省科學院磁性器件研究所 發表時間:2013/11/26 14:16:44  點擊:3338

      一、   甘肅省科學院磁性器件研究所國內磁力傳動技術領域的領導者



















      一、Institute of Magnetic Element, Gansu Academy of  Sciences — a leading provider of magnetic-transmission pumps in china:

      ·The technology of magnetic-transmission was developed and applied to spaceflight technologies in 1978.

      ·ln1981, the first magnetic-transmission pump was produced in Lanzhou.

      ·The motor powers of magnetic-transmission pumps which have been exploited and put into service have reached to 185Kw. These magnetic-transmission pumps represent the Chinese most advanced technology of magnetic-transmission with Head 500m, Capacity 500m and Speed 1480r/min.

      ·With push-pull magnetic circuit design technology gained the state-level invention awards, magnetic-transmission pumps can work well under suction pressure 15MPa and this has reached the international advanced level.

      ·Solving extraordinary conveying problems of liquid materials in the domestic industrial systems, the pumps have been applied to oil fields, refinery, chemical, fertilizer, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and nuclear industry, etc.

      ·The magnetic-transmission products include single-stage centrifugal pump, multi-stage centrifugal pump, vortex pump, gear pump, fuel pump and high-temperature fuel-transfer puma and so on. The performance parameters of these products answer for various technics processes, in accordance with IS02858 and AP1610 standards..

      ·Institute of Magnetic Element, Gansu Academy of Sciences differentiates from its competitors by providing spare parts and service availability, lower price than foreign manufacturers.

      ·Institute of Magnetic Element can offer all kinds of metal and nonmetal pumps such as horizontal, vertical shaft , low temperature, high temperature and high press pumps and so on.

      2、Institute of Magnetic Element Supplies many monitoring and protecting devices; The temperature-monitor can control friction inside of magnetic driver, discirculate for lubricant and invalidation of bearing. The lake of current protect equipment against dry rotating avoids lack of fluid for inlet.

      3、Institute of Magnetic Element solved the following tough problems of magnetic-driving technique in the respect of industry application:

      ·The magnetic circuit design of big magnetic cleft and industrial application.

      ·The selecting problem of materials of overflow parts, when conveying the strong corrosion and high viscosity media

      ·The compound problem with nonmetal and metal under high temperature.

      ·The plastic-pressing problem of special plastics and metal

      ·The friction and lubrication problem of bearings under special media

      ·The demagnetization problem of permanent magnetism material under high temperature

      ·The technical problem during conveying high-temperature and high pressure fluid

      ·The steam-eroding problem of about the volatile liquid such as hydrocarbon, propane and so on。

      The project base of State High-Tech Industrialized Model Projects of the Magnetic -driving Pumps

      Application Fields of Magnetic -driving Pumps:

         With the more importance of the global environmental protection and with enforcement environmental protection regulations, due to non-leakage, low noise, static seal, supplying extraordinary conveying requirements of inflammable, explosive and poisonous fluids, magnetic -driving pumps are rewarded as environmental protection high–tech products. In the recent year, the development speed of magnetic -driving pumps is very fast. Pumps with mechanical seals are replaced with magnetic-driving pumps progressively. Magnetic-driving pumps have widely applied to oil fields, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer, power Station, metallurgy, food processing and pharmaceutical, etc. Its application is lo convey clean inflammable, explosive, severely poisonous, precious liquids free from particles and other liquids that permit no seal pollution, unsuitable to convey the liquids including ferromagnetism substance.

      The Principle of Magnetic -driving Pumps:

          Magnetic-driving parts are composed of magnetic in-rotor and magnetic out–rotor; Magnetic in-rotor and medium are cut off from magnetic out-rotor by a shroud. Magnetic out-rotor is driven by motor; when magnetic out-rotor runs, magnetic in-rotor begin to run because of magnetic coupling characteristics. So pumps are driven by the way of non -contact transmission of moments.      

          Magnetic-driving pumps are different from other pumps with mechanic seals by replacing dynamic seals with static seals. Solve absolutely leakage problem during pumps running.

          The structure of magnetic-driving pumps is simple. The design of special lubricant and coolant circuit guarantees satisfactory lubrication and cool-off. No cool-off, swill, quick-cool pipe system that pumps with mechanical seals require. Rated suction pressure can reach to 30MPa; it is difficult for pumps with mechanical seals to do.

          Running slick and stably, low noise, non-leakage, cleanness and safety, magnetic-driving pumps are rewarded as real environmental protection products in industries

      The typical fluids that can be conveyed:

          Acids, Hydrocarbons, Petrochemicals, Heat transfer fluids, Alkalis, Alcohols & Glycols, Menstruums, Salts, Halogenides and High-viscosity fluids.

      Quality Guarantee System:

          Institute of Magnetic Element had been confirmed by IS09001:2000 quality control system. Leading quality is the perpetually-pursuit of Institute of Magnetic Element; ‘creating character which makes the client adherence and reliant, pursuing lead level in industry’ is the quality-aim of Institute of Magnetic Element, Gansu Academy of Sciences.

          Institute of Magnetic Element pumps mainly work in special and difficult technology processes of oil field, refinery, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Just like hearts of processes, it is necessary to guarantee the pumps to work well, safely, reliably with non-leakage.

          Through more than 20 years experience accumulation of magnetic-driving pumps for technology processes and connection with clients continuously, Institute of Magnetic Element pumps are better and better and the company is becoming a leading provider of magnetic-driving pumps in China.

          Every pump is tested strictly before delivery. The performance parameters are checked to meet quality requirements. Every spare part and every component are inspected and evaluated in every detail and particular, so Institute of Magnetic Element pumps' quality could be guaranteed.  

          Institute of Magnetic Element engineers with rich experience can offer high-quality and prompt technical consultation and after-sales service, and suggest the best ways for conveying special fluids. When you need, please call us; Institute of Magnetic Element staff will be worksite in 48 hours.

      關鍵詞: 蘭州永磁電機生產廠,蘭州永磁傳動設備、永磁傳動器,磁性器件,永磁渦輪傳動,無潤滑滑動軸承設計加工生產廠家
      版權所有:甘肅省科學院磁性器件研究所有限責任公司 ,電話:0931-8635328 ,地址:甘肅省蘭州市定西南路229號 , 隴ICP備18003801號-1
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